Boites aux lettres collectives en acier bicolores posées par BSM Boites aux lettres
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Combine design with functionality!

Why not combine business with pleasure, design with functionality? Essential to receive our mail and more frequently our parcels, the mailbox can be a beautiful decoration accessory.
Focus on original mailboxes: The choice of materials for mailboxes made of wood, aluminum, steel, several materials are used to make mailboxes.

Boites aux lettres collectives en acier multicolores

Steel mailboxes for their choice of lacquered, marbled, art-deco style paint.
Steel mailboxes are known for their solidity. They are recommended for geographical areas affected by vandalism. In terms of design, they will set a contemporary tone that will perfectly match your recent building. BSM offers several versions of steel mailboxes designed by the manufacturer Decayeux:

The version plane is the most refined.
Its design blends perfectly into a sober and elegant entrance hall.

The version trio stands out with its three hollowed out lines on the right of the lock.
This version refers to a certain rigour. It is the ideal mailbox for law, accounting and insurance firms.

The version vagues plunges us to the water’s edge.
The three waves drawn are similar to the relief carved by the sea on the sand. The curved version brings relief to your entrance hall. It is ideal for dressing a refined hall.

The version onde is one of the most stylish steel mailbox doors available from BSM.
These moving lines bring a certain dynamism to your entrance hall. This version can be used for creative companies. Communication agencies, young start-ups… we have tailor-made mailboxes for you!

Finally, the checkerboard version conveys elegance and creativity. Both sober and well crafted, this mailbox is ideal for architectural firms


Boites aux lettres collectives en inox pour hall d'immeuble

The stainless steel mailbox is known for its robustness, which, like the steel mailbox, blends well with a contemporary décor. If you are looking for traditional and at the same time offbeat mailboxes, choose stainless steel!

This resistant material is perfectly adapted to be exposed to climatic conditions. It is also recommended for homes along the coast, in saline regions and in mountains. White, beige or very colourful, carrying messages, presenting photos, shapes, illuminated with coloured, silkscreened spots, steel and stainless steel letterboxes have become real decorative objects that enhance your contemporary entrance hall.

Boites aux lettres collectives en bois dans un hall d'entrée sur mur en marbre

The wooden letterbox for its noble and natural side that warms the atmosphere of your entrance hall Noble material, wood is also widely used for the design of collective letterboxes.
Multi-functional, it blends with many architectural styles. Combined with marble, wooden mailboxes give a chic and elegant tone to your building hall. Combined with a concrete or stone wall, wood warms the atmosphere of your building hall. Wooded letterboxes provide a friendly atmosphere in which discussions between neighbours are going well.

A meeting place with its neighbours, but also the first room into which your friends and family enter when they visit you, the entrance hall is a space not to be neglected. It gives the first impression of the rest of the building.

It is no coincidence that the hotel lobbies are so refined. It brings real value to the rest of the building. It is also essential that its layout and decoration be well thought out.

Maintained letterboxes with a high visual impact are attractive and aesthetic elements that make it possible to instantly fall in admiration for your interior. And when we know that 90 seconds is enough to make a good impression on a property… So it is impossible to ignore the entrance hall if you want to rent or sell your apartment. A clean and well-maintained space will reassure future occupants.

Boites aux lettres collectives bicolores version plane

This is why it is essential to choose your mailboxes carefully to create the identity of your building entrance.

If you wish to change your collective mailboxes, do not hesitate to ask our team for advice.

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